Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen has pre-made that are fit together to suit the dimensions of your kitchen. The cabinets come in standardized sizes and are available in different styles. The woodwork is factory-made and finished, brought to the site and assembled.

Carpenter Made Kitchen

A carpenter-made kitchen, on the other hand, is one that is built by hand by local carpenters who follow their age-old traditional methods of woodworking. These carpenters cut, plane and finish the boxes by hand and often work at the site itself.

Advantages of a Modular kitchen:

  • The best advantage of modular kitchen is, it is flexible enough to move the entire kitchen from one place to another.
  • It also gets easily assembled. Moreover, its repairing process is easy and has no effects on other parts.
  • The modular kitchens are long-lasting and durable in nature.
  • Its cleaning and maintenance procedure is simple and easy due to its plain surface.

Disadvantages of a Modular kitchen:

  • The high costs of the modular kitchen are its major weakness.
  • The cabinets are made up of modern techniques and cannot be repaired by any inefficient local contractor.
  • Any replacements will be costly in nature.
  • The cleaning procedure is although uncomplicated but needs to be done regularly for a better look and fresher appearance of the kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of a Carpenter Made Kitchen :

  • You can get woodwork that is custom created to your exact specifications and you will not have to choose out of a catalogue.
  • You can keep control over the quality of material, especially if you are handling the purchases yourself.
  • Customisation and alterations can be easily accommodated in carpenter made kitchen.
  • You can get traditional woodworking designs with panelling, mouldings and cornices.

Disadvantages of a Carpenter Made Kitchen :

  • Finishes will not be perfect and precise as the work is done by hand.
  • The cabinets cannot be reassembled anywhere else as they are created for a particular space only.
  • The quality depends on the skills of the carpenters.
  • Finishes will not be perfect and precise as the work is done by hand.